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Meet the drone operator.

Drone Operator and Owner of New Flow Media Sebastian (Seb) Casman

Seb Casman

Director of Operations Drone Operator

How I got started flying drones.

I started flying drones in 2021 after nearly a decade of exploring different realms of art and filmmaking. From the moment I received my first drone, I was hooked. I have always been fascinated by the technologies that allow us to create stunning imagery, and modern drones provide endless opportunities that are developing every day. 

Flying drones has allowed me to express my creative nature in the most thrilling way imaginable. The process of learning how to fly gave me the freedom of expression through movement while being able to capture it for others to experience. Since I began, I've wanted to combine this expression of movement with my knowledge of filmmaking.

I look for any chance I get to be creative, and I want to work with others who are passionate about making something special. I'm hoping to provide a substantial service to the community around me and I look forward to showing the world from a new perspective. 

Why I started New Flow Media.

I have always been fascinated with how people come together to tell a story. Today, more stories are being shared than ever before, instantly accessible to billions across the web and social media. With the density of content rapidly growing it's becoming harder to create unique concepts with traditional video techniques.

After studying digital art, animation, and film I chose to join my local filmmaking community and began earning my first credits on set. I jumped into a range of projects and quickly started to realize that I loved the energy behind the industry of filmmaking and I wanted to do more than hide behind a computer screen. 

When I discovered drones it immediately felt like a calling. Since I could first move I've been a  bit of an adrenaline junkie and FPV drones satiated that it a way I'd never experienced. At the same time, I saw the creative potential FPV drones had as an agile, and finely controllable, camera in the sky.


Shortly after I got my first Mavic and started learning everything I could about the industry of commercial drone operation. I haven't been able to get enough of drones since and have committed myself to taking this tools to their limits.

Here, I hope to share my passion for drones and creation to the community around me by helping tell their stories. I want to use drones to show the action of life in a whole new light.

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